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Chipper Rental for Do-it-Yourselfers

Not only do we provide Virginia tree services residents trust, but we also carry rental equipment. This gives the handyman or handywoman the power to undertake smaller projects without expensive service fees. Ask us about our tub grinder rental and chipper rental for the do-it-yourself project on your spring cleaning agenda.

Dangerous Trees: Virginia Tree Services

Ideally, property owners would inspect their trees several times each year: in late fall, late spring and after every severe weather event. However, this level of attention is sometimes not practical - and many are unfamiliar with what to look for during inspections - making B & W Land Clearing's Virginia tree services especially valuable.

Although we are well equipped to identify hazardous trees, we'd like to arm you with some knowledge that will help you identify them yourself. Below are some signs to look for to spot dangerous trees:

  • Cracks - a deep crack that cuts deep into the wood or at the base of a large branch requires immediate attention
  • Dead wood - brittle trees and branches that do not bend or are hanging loose or cracking
  • Decayed areas - if decay is in conjunction with cracks or other hazards call a northern VA tree removal
  • Weak branch connections (unions) - caused by bark growing between large branch unions, this condition can cause a tree to break apart
  • Root issues - look for exposed roots, underdeveloped leaves, mounding soil at the base, dead crown wood and other signs of weakness

Calling Northern VA Tree Removal

The above warning signs should give you a handle on spotting trouble in advance. If you notice a specimen that you feel is in danger of coming down on property in northern VA, tree removal service can be hired inexpensively through B & W. The same goes for downed limbs and large branches. Often, chipping/mulching of these items can be handled affordably by the land owner. For these situations, we offer chipper rental. B & W a northern virginia landscaping service wants to be your resource not just for service, but self-service as well.


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